How to differ  a reliable, professional security system installer?

Finding the “right alarm company ” can indeed seem like a challenge. First, we  hope that you  can recognize that this is not the same thing as getting a “salesperson trained in the art of closing a deal . Who probably has no idea of how to hang an alarm keypad on the wall into your home so that he/she can sell you their “package of the month”.

If you don’t feel that you, the client.  Or your home are being looked at and treated in a personal and individual manner. Or you start to hear what you believe to be the same “sales pitch” thrown at every “prospect”…  You probably are not dealing with the right company.

WE believe that there’s value in getting an experienced installer out to your home for your evaluation, consultation and estimate. This  isn’t always easy to do with larger firms.  Jet Installations thinks that there is  less chance of communication error  if the same guy who examined your home is also doing the install. It you do want to be among the clients who complaint  “But the sales guy promised me that you would do this.” You’re better off dealing with the same person from start to finish.

Have you checked the Yellow Pages for a general contractor or home renovator recently? According to those ads, they’re all experts. Seriously, how does Mike Holmes keeps managing week after week to find all of the lousy, dangerous “professional construction work” that he has to tear down and do over for his tv show on HGTV? You can’t believe ads; they have to be verified and documented somehow, otherwise everyone who posts an ad is an instant “expert”.

You will have to seek out the right company through personal references or from the “feeling” that you get (backed up with the knowledge you’ve researched) once you have several different alarm technicians into your home and then size them all up against one another. You should be able to determine who has your best interests at heart, who immediately values you as a long-term client, who appears to be knowledgeable and competent to do the job right, versus who is trying to pressure you into signing.

Don’t listen to something one alarm company has told you which sounds interesting and then try to get the second alarm company to do it for you “cheaper”; if the second guys haven’t mentioned it, they might have completely over-looked it in the first place (red flag) or they might not have the expertise or experience to do it for you at all.

Jet Installations   finds  it amazing what some companies will promise (which they know nothing about) to try to “close the deal quickly”. Honesty  it can be refreshing, as in, “I haven’t installed that product before but my suppliers have it and I can look into getting it for you, if you’d like.” You’re probably best off negotiating a better deal with the first company who proposed the additional work / feature, etc.

Also, in fairness to alarm companies who are doing their best to try to properly serve you: As a client, please compare apples with apples, not price. Our security consultant cites an example where he lost one sale to someone who eventually told him that he was quoted $50.00 less by one of his competitors.

It turned out that he ended up buying an inferior 8-zone alarm panel compared to the 16-zone model that our consultant proposed. Now he has 14 detection devices crammed onto 8-zones with no room for future expansion.  And confusion as to which of the two devices on the same alarm panel zone created the false alarm. But hey, he saved himself 50 bucks!

An important part of the decision process is to choose the right alarm company since you’ll be doing business with them for many years to come. Good luck with your search and please do not hesitate to contact us  if you need professional and affordable   alarm system installation.

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